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The WHAT IF phase in Healing

Mar 28, 2023


There is a space between who you are now and who you want to be.

And it’s one of the most beautiful spaces.

I call this space between the “what if”.

It’s when you go from total belief in your old story, old wounds, old patterns…

To…what if all that’s not actually true?

WHAT IF I can make the money?
WHAT if I can meet the soulmate?
WHAT IF I can heal the disease or disorder?
WHAT IF I can get off this medication.
WHAT IF I can change my story? My life?
WHAT IF it does get better.
WHAT IF the Universe is kind and loving?
WHAT IF the life I have been yearning for exists?
WHAT IF I could live joyfully?
WHAT IF I AM a creative being?

WHAT IF all the ways I’ve been limiting myself aren’t real?

This space between before and next is the launching pad for everything.

It is a feeling of spaciousness.
A crack of freedom in the story that once held you captive.

New thoughts. New ideas.
New possibilities.

So this is your invitation that you get to play in the WHAT IF space. It’s your reminder that if HERE hasn’t become THERE yet…if you aren’t fully where you desire to be…there is still an opening that never used to be there at all.

And damn that alone is a HUGE shift.

The WHAT IF question/between space is worth celebrating.

You can re-design your whole life just by beginning to feel this energy and ask the question over and over.

What if.

The new life isn’t the beginning, the “what if” is.

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