It's time for Feminine Liberation

Coming Home to the Deepest Level of Freedom, Pleasure and Aliveness.


Three routes to healing:
1. You must let the pain visit.
2. You must allow it to teach you.
3. You must not allow it to overstay.”




Soul Sovereignty.


Welcome beloved, if you've landed here it's at the call of your Soul because your highest self knows that Soul-work is the only healing work that's truly worth doing. If you're here it means you're done with trying ALL of the healing techniques and finding yourself back in the same loops, never really clearing the core wounds, trying to FORCE yourself into change. If you're here, you're ready for true transformation, through the loving presence of your SOUL. It gets to be easier, let me take your hand and walk you home.

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Hey there!

I'm Shiloh.
Your Souls New Bestie.

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Anything can be healed, here's what I got FREE of...

From childhood trauma, sexual assault, rape, depression, health problems, a degenerative heart condition, disordered eating, mood swings, dysfunctional relating, hating men and feeling constantly unsafe, not trusting other women and having an inability to make friends and connect, total nervous system and emotional disregulation...(and waaaay more)....

To travelling the world solo, experiencing radical joy, abundance, love, community and connection. and feeling insanely aligned with my purpose and the Truth of my SOUL..crying tears of gratitude daily..healthy, happy, vibrant, confident, free - here's what I know...anything is possible. I am the permission slip for your own greatest awakening.

Let's Create Magic.

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Signature 3-month group program. Designed for the woman ready to totally reclaim her Soul, her LIFE and her Sovereignty. Limited spots and only runs a couple times a year.

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VIP 1-1 Packages

My deepest most powerful offering. Working in an intimate 1-1 container with weekly sessions, access to support in a private VIP channel 7 days a week, your own private portal and much more for guaranteed transformation.

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Self Paced Digital Courses

Mind-blowing self-paced courses including magical self-study modules, pre-recorded guided practices, clearings, meditations and breathworks.

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Inner Grace - 3 Month Program

Inner Grace is my signature program, designed for women that are ready to truly embody their light and move in alignment with the call of their SOUL. It is an intensive Soul-Awakening, 3 month group program. This is one of my few LIVE programs and only runs a couple of times a year.

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What others have said.

"Thank you soooo much for literally changing my life after this moment with you. I will forever be eternally grateful to you."

Lucy - Aus

"Thank you so much. I shifted something big. I have felt more energised, on my path and clearer about my future. It was a sacred space and I'm so grateful."

Amanda - Aus
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