Who am I?

Where I come from and what I do.

First Belief

Healing gets to be quicker, easier and lighter - the only way this happens is through the SOUL.

Second Belief

The healed and embodied feminine woman, is one of the most powerful forces on earth.

Third Belief

Relationships are all there truly is AND they are the spaces we have the most opportunity to heal.

Hi! I'm Shiloh!

I'm a Certified Love, Sex & Relationship Coach, NLP practitioner, Master EFT practitioner, Master EmoTrance practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, Compassion Key Facilitator, Energy worker, Medicine woman and absolute Witch, Woo Woo, Spiritual Badass.

I drink way too much cacao, cuss like a sailor and fall in love with most people I meet. I believe in this work deeply, because it saved my life. I also believe there gets to be more joy and light in healing work.

My mission is to help you surrender all that hurts, release old ways of being that aren't serving you and awaken to the Truth of your beingness. I see a future with powerful, SOUL-awakened humans, passing that same loving imprint down to our babies, instead of our pain. And so it is.

My old story.


It's been over a decade since I stepped into this work. At 20 I was battling crippling depression, intense mood swings, disordered eating and body dysmorphia, severe PCOS, lethargy, dysfunctional relationships and...was at the point of being ready to end my life. That was the day my new life began. The day I decided to pick up a Louise Hay book instead of downing a bottle of sleeping pills and never waking up again. And, what I quickly discovered was that all of the above were SYMPTOMS of deep trauma and wounding that had been buried, not the cause. And if they were symptoms, maybe I could heal...

I grew up with a mother that tried to commit suicide multiple times, was mentally unstable and hospitalied and a father that was checked out, unavailable and obsessed with work. Pair that with feeling completely alone and like I never belonged anywhere and childhood was unstable at best.

I also had massive sexual trauma; starting with an exploration event as a child and continuing on when my first boyfriend attempted to rape me at 15, and my second boyfriend suceeded in raping me at 17 while we were dating and I was passed out drunk - that was a fun one to unpack. Just to add a couple more injuries, I was sexually assaulted in a massage by a stranger and at the same time created a not so beautiful relationship with a man who was disagnosed with Bipolar 1, loved a little prostitution and a good lie and was exceptionally emotionally and verbally abusive. You can bet I had MASSIVE problems with men (future sneak peak, I ADORE them now).

I'm not done yet! Add in a sprinkle of health problems and heart irregularities, anxiety and a glorioius fear of death and you'll get an idea of where my mental health was. All of the above combined in a big old pile I had pushed under the rug for one too many years and you can bet I wanted to die and be done with it. Thank god I didn't.

I was tired of suffering, so I got hungry. Name the course or personal development event and I've done it. Seriously. I have a thousand modalities under my belt at this point because I became OBSESSED with healing.

Flash forward to my 30's and I am SURROUNDED by connection, union and beautiful, loving, masculine men.

I have incredible friendships with the most magical women alive.

I adore my family, seriously, they really are the coolest.

I've travelled to 20+ countries, including months of SOLO travel.

I am experiencing incredible health and down 15kg - WITH EASE.

I've made more money than I ever thought possible AND I get to help people.

And I've been able to work alongside my mentors, holding space with Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos and other incredible lightworkers who acknowledge my magic.

Most of all. I FEEL my Soul. I feel connected with her. I feel peaceful, loving, abundant, joyful, playful and FREE within myself. Most of all, free of the past.

Notice I've said "my old story". Because the truth is, I can talk about ALL of the crappy things that happened before NOW and none of it touches me anymore. It's so healed it's like it was another persons experience altogether.

And this is what I promise is available for you.

Here for my highest, and for yours.

Soul to Soul, let's get it.


My Approach


What I do is a hybrid of different modalities, energy work and coaching. The services I offer are completely unique because of this. Traditional coaching alone tends to focus on mindset work and what we now know is that healing doesn't happen at the level of the mind alone.

The mind, body and SOUL must be working in unison to have true transformation. Most people approach personal development and healing work from a space of FORCE or FIX ME - trying to push, shame or guilt themselves into change. This means that there is no safety created, and without safety, there is no change. 

In my work, the foundation created is one of safety and compassion and re-union with the loving presence and guiding light of the SOUL. When you fully engage the endless compassionate nature and power of the SOUL in the healing process, healing happens faster, and it sticks.

A new reality is born when you clear core wounded aspects of the self, and do so from the vantage point of your higher self. This new reality is the YOU that you were born to be - aligned with Grace and Goodness. When you fix the cracks/wounds of the self, the light can filter through correctly. This is the purpose of our work together.


Let Others Inspire You.

"Shiloh's event took me to every single part that held resistance, self doubt and undiscovered emotion - as I pushed through my limitations my heart space opened and formed profound connection. I can't even express the amount of love and connection."

Pia T - AUS

"Shiloh has deeply and profoundly impacted my life. I struggled so much with being stuck in my head, not trusting myself and feeling stuck. I didn't know how to hold space for myself or put myself first or love myself and throughout the time I spent with Shiloh I learned how to do ALL of that. I'm so thankful. Shiloh guides you to uncover what you already know about yourself, helping you to realise what you're capable of. No amount of words can describe how much I have grown as a person. The awareness I have, the love, the feeling, the layers that I had shed. I feel like I'm bathed in love, gratitude and peace. If you are so lucky to work with her, it is life-changing if you trust and allow it."

Georgia - AUS
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