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Let. Them. Go.

Mar 28, 2023

Let. Go. This is what your Soul asks you to do.

✨Any part of you that is hanging on to any person (especially one that’s gone) has nothing to do with your Soul - that is all ego, personality and attachment beloved.

It’s simple.

The thing that you don’t want to see…

The thing you keep complicating…

…here it is in plain terms.

❌ If he was yours my darling, he’d be with you.

❌ If he was yours he’d be choosing you.

❌ If he was yours he’d be showing up for you.

❌ If he was yours he wouldn’t keep disappearing.

❌ If he was yours he wouldn’t be entertaining or in relationship with other women.

❌ If he was yours he wouldn’t leave you constantly guessing, hoping, wondering.

❌ If he was yours you wouldn’t be doubting his claim to you.

❌ If he was your Soulmate my love, he’d be in your arms, you in his.

Your endless clinging, attaching and refusing to let go is not loving. 🥀

This kind of clinging is delusion.

Please stop calling it Love.
Please stop calling it Soul.

Hear this

“Fear clings to and clutches all that we have, Love gives all that we have away. Fear holds close, Love holds dear. Fear grasps, Love let’s go”.

Where you are is not in love, it is an illusion you’ve created around how it was supposed to be and who you thought they were…avoiding what is.

Attachment is very clever. It will have you believe that your longing, your restless nights, your desire to be held and seen and known by them is love. Whether love is what they’re offering or not.

But love never holds close.
Love relinquishes and offers freedom.✨

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